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Eve Long

Producer/Director (Theatre) Playwright

Chris Lazzaro



Grace Garrahan

Screen and LiteraryWriter

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Grace, always an adventurer at heart, journeyed to NYC bringing with her a flare for dark humor, taking young adult stories and experience from her own life and transferring it onto the screen. A graduate from Columbia University's 2015 Television Writing Program, in addition to her writing, she also works as a Literary Agent with intimate knowledge of what makes story relevant to the world around us.

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Alec Bates

Location Coordinator

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Elizabeth Watson


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Ada C.

Screen and Literary Writer

"Writing is the bravest of things one can accomplish" and character development, perception and understanding may be the greatest key to achieving such a feat. Mrs. Ada C. has been writing her whole life using her love of the supernatural, the unexpected and the dreamers who she refers to as "the Peter Pans yet to be found" as her inspiration. 

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Chris Arena

Location Manager

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Alex Hand


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Nina Lyristakis


A lover and writer of Comedy, Surrealism,  and Action. With years of experience working at a  NYC Marketing Firm, Nina not only has a creative and original mind but stories grounded in reality, trend and audience appeal.

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Melissa Weiss

Literary Writer

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